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Why Laser?


Traditional hair removal techniques such as waxing and hair removal creams are becoming a thing of the past as they have been proven to be time consuming, temporary and costly.

At Pulse Laser we proudly use medical grade, TGA and FDA approved lasers. Our lasers are the premier lasers for removing hair, we cannot stress the importance of using the highest quality lasers to deliver the best results.

Laser is a direct, concentrated beam of light meaning the energy of the laser which enters the hair follicle is focussed and incredibly precise offering more powerful, efficient and accurate results. Laser is a far more effective treatment than IPL as IPL is more diffuse, less powerful and usually requires more treatments to get effective results. It is also limited to use on fairer skin types. Advantages of laser hair removal and our machinery include: - Laser uses an exact wavelength needed to successfully treat the hair in each pulse - Whilst lasering, the skin is further protected during treatment by a Dynamic Cooling Device also known as DCD or Cryogen; this is sprayed onto the skin to cool the upper layers of the skin and also providing clients with instant comfort.

How does it work?

The laser is attracted to the melanin in the hair; the laser selectively targets the hair and then thermally damages the hair follicle, without damaging the surrounding skin. When the thermal heat enters the base of the hair follicle it is permanently retarding the hair growth, resulting in permanent hair reduction. After having your laser treatment the hair will take up to 2 weeks to detach from the bulb of the hair follicle, once this happens you will be hair-free for a few weeks.


At approximately 6-8 weeks the next cycle of hair becomes apparent, this is when you will be due for your next treatment. To get the full effect of laser hair removal in permanently reducing hair growth you must aim to have 6-8 treatments* on the body with treatments 6-8 weeks apart. After the initial 6-8 treatments you will need to have follow up treatments every 6 months to once a year. The face works a little bit different to the body in regards to how many treatments needed and how many weeks apart for treatments, you’ll need to start off with at least 6-8+ treatments, with treatments every 4-5 weeks apart at the start, as the hair gets finer and has a slower growth you’ll be spacing out your laser session to every 6-8+ weeks apart. The face is a little bit more ongoing as the hair on the face is determined by hormones. Even though the face is a bit more ongoing we believe the results are far greater than any other hair removal method on the market.


* While we recommend 6-8 initial treatments, results and the number of treatments required may vary depending on the individual’s characteristics, including but not limited to age, hair colour, skin colour and ethnicity